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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an Engineer's Certificate / VASS Certificate?

A. A VASS Certificate is required by VicRoads for the certification of modified, imported and individually constructed vehicles in Victoria.

Q. What about other states?

A. Our company can provide the required certifications for all states of Australia. To find out what the rules and regulations are required for your state, please see links below.

Q. What modifications can I make without requiring an Engineer's Certificate?

A. There is a guideline on the *VicRoads website on what constitutes a modification.

In general and modifications will need to comply with the *ADR standards. For example you may change the seats in your vehicle without a VASS Certificate, also long as the new seat, seat railings and the seat belt are all ADR approved and unction in the correct intentional usage.

A summary of the *ADR's can be viewed here: *ADR summary PDF

Q. What about 'bolt-ons'?

A Bolt-on modifications such as air intakes, headers, exhaust can be made without requiring a VASS Certificate. as long as the original factory emissions control sensors and noise levels are not effected and function correctly.

Q. I want to convert my vehicle into a Motor home. How do I go about it?

A. A conversion of an existing vehicle to a motor home is a modification and must be carried out according to the VicRoads guidelines.

Q. How do I import a vehicle?

A. Before importing a vehicle, you should check whether that vehicle can be imported and registered in Australia. It is essential that import approval be obtained before importing the vehicle. Guidelines on vehicle importing are available on VicRoads website.

Q. Still have a question?

A. Please contact us - see contact information on the Contact us page.



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