Consulting Engineers

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Our Projects & Clients


Our clients include Federal and State Government Departments, major vehicle manufacturers and importer, special vehicle and bus manufacturers as well as modifiers, insurance companies and overseas component manufacturers and investors. We also serve a large volume of individual clients and legal firms and provide arbitration advice.



Major projects in which our company have been involved include: - The determination of failure causes of European manufactured trailer axles in Taiwan.
- The design of unitary construction bus body in Australia.
- The design of unitary construction semi trailer bulk tippers with a minimum guaranteed fatigue life.
- Onsite planning of salvaging 5500 cars in capsized new car ferry off the coast of Portugal for a UK Company.
- The Australian Design Rule testing and Certification of European manufactured passenger vehicles and low volume imports.
- The capacity testing of cast steel beam axles and fatigues testing of vehicle stub axles
- The design of ballistic limousines, other special vehicles and mobile machinery.
- The durability design of an air suspension for the Australian Army and its prototype installation and testing on a vehicle.
- The design of modifications to Defense satellite dish trailers.
- The prototype design of an Australian drive train, its testing and final delivery to an overseas client.
- The prototype assembly and testing of a light truck drive line for a major local manufacturer for export market.
- Identification of vibration and handling problems of heavy trucks and their corrections.


Emergency Vehicle Testing


Heavy vehicle accident

Design & Certification

Vehicle design and recognised certification for all States and Territories.

Vehicle Testing

Testing of two wheeled light vehicles through to all types of heavy vehicles.

Investigative Engineering

Forensic and analytical examinations of vehicle accident and component failures.