Consulting Engineers

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Our Services

Design & Certification
◘ Certify individually constructed/replica cars.
◘ Undertake second stage manufacturer's compliance of motor homes, buses, special vehicles, etc.
◘ Low and full volume certification of import vehicles such as cars, commercial vehicles, mobile equipment, etc.
◘ Commercial and personal vehicle import certification.
Investigative Engineering
◘ Investigation of vehicle accidents and the reconstruction thereof.
◘ Component failure.
◘ Provision of expert evidence - we have expertise in vehicle and mobile equipment fire investigations.
Vehicle Testing
◘ Test and inspection of modified vehicles, trucks and trailers for compliance with registration and safety requirements, i.e. heavy vehicle wheelbase/chassis modification, GVM/GCM upgrades and downgrades, engine replacements, seat fitments, roof conversion, B-double/tripple rating and certification etc.
◘ Emergency service vehicle testing.
◘ Authorized to carry out safety inspections on cranes, concrete pumps and related equipment in accordance with occupational health and safety requirements.
◘ Consult to the vehicle, crane and machinery insurance industry in resolution of claims.
◘ Provide advice to fleet owners on equipment planning and purchases and education, as well as performance testing.
◘ We utitilse the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to assist in structural analysis of mechanical components and mobile structures.

Design & Certification

Vehicle design and recognised certification for all States and Territories.

Vehicle Testing

Testing of two wheeled light vehicles through to all types of heavy vehicles.

Investigative Engineering

Forensic and analytical examinations of vehicle accident and component failures.