Consulting Engineers

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Our Team

Andrew Enkelman

Mr Andrew Enkelman has a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, is a Chartered Professional Engineer, a Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia, a Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers International and the German Engineering Institution. He has had 46 years of engineering experience, 40 years of which were in a professional capacity. Mr Andrew Enkelman has been testing vehicles from 1974 onwards for handling, ride and vibration characteristics for various emergency services, the Australian Army, vehicle manufacturers and private clients. He is actively involved in accident investigation and cause determination of vehicle accidents, including many heavy trucks.

Jackie Chan

Jackie has Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. She is a Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia and a Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers. Jackie is involved in ADR Submissions to Canberra, Finite Element Analysis on tow bars, trailers, performs swept path and prototype testing, research and Australian Standards evaluation.

Tom Bullock

Tom has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Technology from Monash University. He is a Member of the Institue of Engineers Australia, a Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and is a NSW VSCCS licenced signatory for the certification of all categories of modified vehicles.

Tom is involved in the inspection and testing of modified vehicles, compliance testing and submissions for ADR compliance to the Department of Infrastructure, and Finite Element Analysis on various vehicle structures. .

Suzie Moverley

Suzie is Personal Assistant to Andrew, Jackie and Tom in addition to being the Office Administration Manager.



Design & Certification

Vehicle design and recognised certification for all States and Territories.

Vehicle Testing

Testing of two wheeled light vehicles through to all types of heavy vehicles.

Investigative Engineering

Forensic and analytical examinations of vehicle accident and component failures.